Evinrude outboard powered midget.

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Initial production of the first design started prior to another round of EPA regulations.

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This was one of the aforementioned engines that had been completely built by Ford for street car use.

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It could reach speeds of over 40 mph on a small hydroplane with a lightweight driver.

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These are 2 stroke motors and they thought no back pressure was good.

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Unlike the Evinrudes, this serious racer used Magneto ignition and a heavy flywheel.

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Thursday, September 14,

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Due to a high attrition rate, there are few TRs remaining today.

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Because of their longevity and the efforts of after-market parts suppliers, they were used for many years after the war.

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Forthey introduced the VR which was a twin barrel-carb version of the same basic motor to achieve the desired performance improvement.

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For a lubricant racers added castor oil to a mix of methanol wood alcoholbenzene which created the signature trail of smoke associated with Elto engines.

Coolant flow was induced by prop wash into a pick-up on the underside of the cavitation plate.

The powerhead bearings were unchanged from the service version sleeve type throughout.

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