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Her legs are still a little spread, and sheis almost certain that he can see everything, again not sure whether to be excited or nervous.

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Tyler hopped onto the massage table and soon got comfortable on the soft surface.

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She rocks her legs just a little bit, as they come apart just a little under the sheet.

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But not much I could do about that now.

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He slaps her ass lighly, then rubs his hand along her ass as they continue to fuck.

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After doing the outside of her thigh, he slowly moved his hand to the inside of her legs, stroking them up and down, and stopping just short of her pussy.

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Most exciting to me is knowing that she is enjoying herself.

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I did my best to answer the questions honestly, I mean, it's all about fantasy, right?

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This whole thing was so new to me, I didn't know what to do.

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Every time he works his way down her back, she relaxes just a little bit more and more.

I saw the foreskin move slightly back and forth, revealing the tip of his glans hiding inside.

When I looked up to see if she was still grinning I saw that Matt's cock was in her mouth, well maybe half of it was?

He keeps up this similar pattern as he crosses the front of her ankle, and she can again feel the sheet start to move ever so slightly towards the middle of the table, off her creampie in the face leg.

She stood up wiping her hands on a rag.