Ebony ore mine locations skyrim.

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If it says your in combat, just hit the Ore Vein with the Picaxe.

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There is also a full set of smithing facilities outside.

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Equipping a fire spell or a torch is enough to cause an explosion.

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There is a copy of Heavy Armor Forging in a small hut to the right of the entrance.

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There are sixteen ebony ore veins, six iron ore veins and five loose ebony ore that can be found in the mine; in order relative to the entrance:.

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Ebony Shield 00

The Ebony Smithing perk also causes tempering of ebony weapons and armor to be twice as effective.

When I approach gloombound mine, all is normal, but once inside, there is a dragon inside the mountain thrashing around and can't be kill

Ebony Helmet 00

Ebony armor is the third-best heavy armor, behind dragonplate and Daedric armors.