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Cyril, a christian missionary, is credited for christianising the Slavic peoples, together with his brother Methodius, in the 9th century.

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John Willett.

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Although Anna was born in London, she attempts to relate to her Russian heritage by getting involved in the mystery of Tatiana and her baby.

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In Stars and Stories.

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Armin Mueller-Stahl does play the violin in real life, and was a noted concert violinist in his youth.

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Do you think we should reshoot this or just do it slightly differently?

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The Russian phrase "Vory v Zakone" translates into the English language as a "thief in law".

As his career picked up, he shone in Sean Penn's muscular directorial debut, The Indian Runner, anorexic belimic porn was excellent during his brief wheelchair-bound performance in Brian De Palma's crime movie, Carlito's Way.

One day after shooting, Viggo Mortensen went to a pub without washing off his tattoos or even changing out of his costume.

While many of the actors and actresses on show at last month's Toronto Film Festival made the headlines courtesy of the clothes they wore, Viggo Mortensen caused a stir thanks to the clothes he didn't wear.

You see what you see.

Viggo Mortensen says his performance was informed by Vladimir Putin.

In the process, however, he is forced to come to terms with the cruelty he has become tied to by association.