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The Player who deals last is going to do a lot of drinking!

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Fuck The Dealer Drinking Game.

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Drinking Game Vodka Roulette Baseball 3 missed shots and your turn is over.

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You can classify these games under the following terms:

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Whoever picked the lowest card Twos are low, Aces are high begins as the first dealer.

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Should they guess correctly, their turn ends and the dealer drinks 3otherwise the guesser drinks 4.

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As always, please drink responsibly and have a great time!

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Should the person guess right the dealer teen pussy gallerys 2 drinks if the player guesses wrong they take 2 drinks and goes again guessing the value of the next card.

The new dealer will start with the player the previous dealer stopped at.

Game Play:

The Player starts the turn by guessing the top card on the deck.

Play continues with the next person to the left.

Disclaimer We do not support misuse of alcohol, including excessive consumption, binge drinking, or drinking and driving.

If the player guesses the suit correctly first time it moves on to the next player.

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