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I feel women who dont swallow their mans sperm do not love him enough to please him.

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The problem is that the male ejaculate isn't quite tasty in most cases but so is the smell and taste of your kind's "muffin".

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I have a big sample to draw from.

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Its give and take, not just take.

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So I took advantage of my anonymous group of men and asked them about this tough question.

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As I mentioned, sexuality increases bonding, so why would you, once you realize that, not want it?

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The main thing to me is staying in her mouth until I cum and for a moment or so afterward.

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Each time you have sex, you ejaculate well, hopefullyand all that jizz needs to go somewhere.

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Having been both cummed on and in, I can, and I appreciate the heads-up.

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Man is a complex animal and we are different than animals in many respect.

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