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She writes unabashedly of touching her own breasts and of wanting to touch her best friend Jacqueline 's breasts during her school days.

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Thanks to modern image processing technology, the writing from was uncovered, and four "dirty jokes" appeared.

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Otto organized the "secret annex" above and behind the premises.

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Anne Frank speaker.

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Judith Jones, the American editor who once rescued Anne Frank's diary from a rejection pile and championed legendary cookbook writer Julia Child, has passed away of complications from Alzheimer's.

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Anne Frank hid in the Netherlands for years, before her family was betrayed and deported to Auschwitz.

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More than 70, people died in this concentration camp.

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The Netherlands's state-owned railway company made millions during WWII by operating trains that sent hundreds of thousands of Jews, including Anne Frank, to their deaths in Nazi camps.

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Anne frequently edited and re-wrote her diary entries during the long months in hiding, especially in after the Dutch prime minister in exile asked in a radio broadcast that people keep records about life during the occupation.

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For shania twain nude images, Anne swears she's not in love with Peter van Daan she argues that the only boy she ever truly loved was Peter Schiffbut many of the feelings she has for Peter van Daan could be characterized as love.

Anne's tombstone also stands in Bergen-Belsen.

As a mattress for the soldiers.

But the reason Horalek gives for complaining in the first place is that the passages made her daughter uncomfortable.

For two years, she lived concealed in the secret annex of a house in Amsterdam.

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Anne also wrote a collection of short stories while in hiding, and they are peppered with whimsical humor.

Only her father, Otto Frank, survived the war.