Cyborg and jinx oil change.

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They claimed to be doing battle, but the team leaders saw through their act as Jinx was unable to punch Cyborg.

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Beast Boy has a new idea though:

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After the monster truck broke down, Jinx stood by the side, reading Pretty Pretty Pegasus:

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Five, but their shock quickly turned into thoughts of vengeance.

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Five return to rob the same bank again in " Artful Dodgers ", and even hold civilians hostage with a bomb to prevent the Titans from beating them.

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As the H.

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Jinx just dismisses him as being fussy, 'cause he hates when mom and dad fight.

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With a mere one paddle, they arrive at their destination.

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Fed up by the villains interaction with them, Robin ordered them to leave with Jinx dodging a sonic blast from Cyborg while remarking the party trumped a night in jail before making her getaway.

Jinx is once again angry at him, this time for having fun with friends and not her on Valentine's Day.

The whole attire was for her, and so far anything he does to make her happy fails; he can't win.

Ep1 - Old Friends

Starfire and raven look on as he screams in defiance and Jinx changes his diaper.