Cups bottom bracket.

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Remove The Cranks See how to remove the crank s from the cup and cone bottom bracket here.

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Others are fit-and-forget, when they wear out the whole unit must be replaced.

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An eccentric is a cylindrical plug or bearing cup that fits into an enlarged bottom bracket shell.

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March 23,

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See how to remove the crank s from the cup and cone bottom bracket here.

Once the lock-ring as moved back the cup can move.

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External bearings allow for a large diameter hence stiff and hollow hence light spindle.

This system is not without its issues, with shells becoming oversized due to wear a relatively common problem leading Trek to release the very slightly oversized V2 bearings to compensate.

With the development of external bearing designs, the standard shell diameter has become a considerable constraint, limiting both the diameter of the bottom bracket spindle and the size of the actual bearing balls in the races.

This is known as a three-piece crankset.