Combat arms squirt gun.

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There are also silver variants, one with a normal barrel and one with an 8-Inch barrel.

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Despite what the game says, the rail system is unsable.

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An M60 machine gun is available in the game.

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There are also a pre-suppressed variant and variants with a jungle camouflage paintjob.

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It looks like a fun-in-the-sun squirt gun but you don't want to get shot with it.

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However, the M SASS correctly shows, and displays the unsuppressed barrel, even though if the game disallows attachment of suppressors.

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However don't take this little gun lightly as it is one of the best pistols a person can obtain without having to spend NX.

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Look at the pin arrangement on the receiver, Remington has 2 inline pins, Mossberg has 3 offset pins.

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An alternate version of the M pattern pistol is available as M Knight's, with a shiny finish.

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A forged gun made out of cardboard and masking tape.

The firing animation of the Squirt Gun.

Alien Gun.

An M4A1 Carbine is considered the lighter and more versatile M16 in the game.

Apparently the teen bosom gallery that the four selective firing modes are in BRIGHT RED on the side of the gun doesn't matter to the game designers, who made it only fire in automatic, even though the fire selector is set to semi.

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