Chicken has a dislocated leg.

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But if I ask if she constipated she immediately backs away, calls a friend and is outa here.

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They may be a bit slower and not be able to roost as well, but they get around and make do.

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One hen died shortly after arrival, and one rooster came with a bum leg.

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My initial thought is to continue things as normal and as long as he's acting like the others to not worry.

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I tried finding it about broken chicken legs in my own country Latviabut I could not, so I am happy to have come across your blog.

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Molly says:

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My Little dutch boy has managed to find a tiny gap between the gate and wall and escaped the chicken run.

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Check out these Birdy Booties - You could add cardboard insets to help stiffen the boot and straighten her toes

Chicken's bones are not known for their ability to heal well.

Not to make money but to introduce them locally to as many people as possible.

I read also that there should be an elevated perch in the cage for sleeping, so I'm going to arrange that too, just not sure if the space will allow.

Jen says:

The gimpy chicken.

The chick can't straighten its leg if this is what's wrong with it.