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Deep Space NineStar Trek:

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What were Kathryn and Chakotay doing?

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On the run from hostile aliens, Kathryn is injured and Chakotay must keep them alive while they wait for rescue.

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For another hour, they continued this, every time Pinganto got up chloe vevrier password stamina and his erections and fucked Kes, again, Chakotay would give Janeway the bitch treatment as well.

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She withdrew the massive black dildo from her slack jawed mouth and inserted it into her overflowing cunt, to make sure none of the dog cum was lost.

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In the morning, she knows, he'll pick them up himself and store them or throw them in the recycler.

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I keep it minimised in my desktop tray while I write for checking the spelling and meaning of words, or for finding another word when the one I'm tempted to use has been used too often already.

Chapter 3:

Warning - voyeurism.

Her work on this story once again underlines the importance of a second, critical eye.

Their comfortable friendship heats up a bit.

Admiral Janeway decides that's a mistake she's going to correct.

Captain Jean-Luc Picard 6:

Closing her eyes, she prays that something will happen.