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I was second worst in French class I was actually in the top three of my classes until grade jane mary nude, at which time mother always said I'd become a disappointment for a few years--out from under her skirts, is my way of putting itand caned by the Head after the French Eleven exam because the worst student in class was caught cheating from "my" test papers, the sorely daft idiot!

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All affirmed in writing that the pictures were genuine.

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Some had thick underpants or wore two pairs for added protection.

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I walked behind him to admire my handiwork.

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I offered him the punishment book to initial, which he did with great difficulty; his tears were still flowing freely.

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I have known such bruising still to be visible six weeks after the caning that caused it, although in most cases the bruises have gone within a month.

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My patented "system" consisted of stuffing precisely one and a half Playboy magazines down the back of my pants.

And made us tough, right?

So I have a strong basis of comparison.

Mr Fidoe's punishments varied between three strokes and six.

Only many months later was the general public able to take a view on that, when bonnie kathleen wright nude London Sunday Times at last published one of the famous pictures in its colour magazine in its retrospective of the year on 31 December

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He states that "I thought most of the boys were trying to be truthful in the witness box.