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Inwhen he was on the promotional trail for The Bandit, a documentary about action film Smokey and the Bandit, he said of the shoot:

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It's not easy to pull off a feathered fedora, but Burt makes it cool.

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The gloriously '70s facial hair that he continues to rock with impunity?

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I have very small hands.

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Then came "Deliverance," the movie that made his chest a massive star.

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W hat he did get, however, was a career transformation and dozens of pairs of underwear thrown at him.

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One thing is for certain:

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Telegraph Film.

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In his memoir, My LifeReynolds said that it was strange how women reacted to him after the centerfold was published.

But the Cosmopolitan centerfold captured the ample charisma he would bring to his new identity as movie sex symbol.

He's got a smirk on his face, a limp cigarillo dangles from his lips, and a fuzzy bearskin rug anime porn yaoi underneath his also-fuzzy body.

He took hundreds of shots:

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I did.

They promised to burn the outtakes and give me the negatives.