Breast exam reveals no discreet.

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In the studied material, microcalcifications were the only symptom of cancer in

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This could include changes to the skin, nipples or asymmetry, meaning a noticeable difference between each breast.

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Even when greater longevity, the population bulge, and the introduction of mammography are taken into account, a real, underlying increase remains.

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In its initial stages the tumor would be visible under a microscope—if one could somehow scan the entire breast with such precision.

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Patient Platform Limited has used all reasonable care in compiling the information but make no warranty as to its accuracy.

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The median doubling time was days, but the range was considerable:

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David L.

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Spreading through the body, these cells can lodge in almost any vital organ, creating a second tumor—or a third, or a fourth.

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Any symptom in the breast causes natural and perhaps not inappropriate anxiety.

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Do the meta-analyses settle the matter?

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Comedo type intraductal carcinoma, clinically undetectable.

The outcome was dictated well before diagnosis—by the date the first cancer cells developed and by the rate at which they grew.

Figure 5.

For my own research I have attempted to document medical histories, and can report that it is no easy task.

In my material, spiculated mass was found in

Instead of seeping slowly throughout the body from its initial site, breast cancer seemed to hop from place to place as cells sloughed off by the main tumor mass floated through the bloodstream.