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August 23,

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Seeing a couple sprout up is normal, especially if you don't get waxed regularly.

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Before your service, discuss all medications and skin routines as a precaution.

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However, there may be an occasional stray hair that clings on, which your esthetician should clean up with a pair of tweezers.

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It never occurred to me to sign up for a spa treatment for my bikini area.

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April 28,

The idea is to show you how by having a wax, clip and styling of your body hair, great results can be achieved.

This could be due to an inexperienced technician or a skin reaction.

That's ok, I'm aware that these images may contain explicit full frontal nudity of various body areas, in particular male and female genitalia.

After the redness disappears, everything should return to a clean and healthy appearance.

You may see red dots or even a very small amount of blood.

But potential TMI alert!