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So then I really could not move.

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She even slapped my abduction robbery bondage once, so I took her over the knees, lowered her pants and panties and spanked her bare bottom long and hard.

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The stinging was a good reminder, and I reckoned it would tingle for quite a while.

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Danielle sat on a chair pulling her skirt up leaving her long smooth thighs filling my eyes as she tapped her lap.

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Yes, my fault the vase broke, my fault I chose Mrs Witton to spank me, my fault my fault my fault.

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And he sex was great for both of us - because we both felt loving and tender and at ease.

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It was probably the shock that overrode any other feelings but I said I had decided what to buy, bought the dress, and we went home.

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And tied them together.

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Today I was being rude and yelling and cussing because he wouldn't listen to what I tried to tell him to do.

He held me after until I stopped crying and rubbed my butt.

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Finally he said that's it.

Peeved and worried, Chad vowed to give Sonny a real good spanking for making him worry like this.

This went on for another minutes.

My butt is still sore.