Bottom denture or partial.

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You can gradually start to eat other types of food until you're back to your old diet.

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After making adjustments, your dentist will probably recommend that you take the partial denture out of your mouth before going to bed and replace it in the morning.

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Dentures false teeth.

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See your dentist promptly if your denture becomes loose, and maintain your regular visits, too.

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Your dentist will show you how to place and remove it.

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As you age, your mouth naturally changes, which can affect the fit of the denture.

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The dentist or clinical dental technician will try this in your mouth to assess the fit and for you to assess the appearance.

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Eating and speaking When you replace missing teeth, eating is much easier.

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The lips appear thin and flattened.

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Dentures that do not fit properly should be adjusted by your dentist.

A partial denture may have a metal framework and clasps that connect to your teeth, or they can have other connectors that are more natural looking.

It may feel a bit odd or tight for the first few weeks.

With time and practice, you should be able to speak well.

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You may make changes to suit you, consistent with your dental needs.

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