Bottom ash handling.

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Material Handling Equipments.

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The result is dry bottom ash handling.

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The pyrites produced from Pulverize are discharged to the ash pond by means of hydro ejector or conveyed to bottom ash silo by a screw feeder and belt conveyer.

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Material Handling Systems.

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Hydrobin for bottom ash storage.

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One by-product:

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Hydraulic System utilizing hydro-ejectors, 2.

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In the United Kingdom it is known as furnace bottom ash FBAto distinguish it from incinerator bottom ash IBAthe non-combustible elements remaining after incineration.

Mechanical System 1.

This way bed ash silo s can be placed at a convenient distant location within the plant.

The final component of a high-quality ash handling system is the ash storage silo.

Continuous operating Submerged Scraper conveyor to removal of Bottom ash.

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Vacuum pneumatic conveying system by utilising mechanical exhausters, vacuum pump vacuum producers and steam ejectors.