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Robinson" alliance.

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The three upstairs then learned that they were given the option of selecting the first Head of Household; they chose Kail.

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Further, Jessica is our HoH this week and this has made everyone deliriously happy.

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The women were the winners of the competition and won a two-minute shopping spree inside of the house.

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I shake my head in wonderment at the lack of both humility and reality that has converged before my eyes.

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A correct answer would result in a HouseGuest gaining "Big Brother Bucks", while an incorrect answer would result in elimination.

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Amber shrugs and says she has absolutely no idea until Dick leaves.

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She feels certain that Jessica will nominate Dick gabrielle erotic letters Daniele, in spite of the fact that last week she was just as certain that Jessica was in an alliance with them.

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The first HouseGuest to fill up their jar and claim the ball inside would be the winner of the competition.

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In the big bedroom, Eric poses a multiple choice question to Jessica, asking her what she would do if she earned 30 minutes of camera free time with him:

He continues that he is not involved with anyone, basically repeating what he told Amber, and adding that it was out of line for Jen to say anything teen twink love it was nothing more than a cheap shot.

Only to come back later and tell her that he really loves her very much and wants to figure things out with her so they can have a better relationship.

He admits that he would probably end up doing C himself, though he would wish for B.

Which she is.

Sharknado is back on Syfy tonight, and the third installment brings with it more ridiculous mayhem and another slew of reality TV cameos.

The last HouseGuest remaining who hadn't dropped their cup would be the winner.

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