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The pressures of work, family, technology, and life stressors, often make it difficult to relax and pay attention to our most precious resource:

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However, since you said you are in crisis, we suggest you work through the other phases first.

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We truly had a celebration of our marriage and definitely were able to take it to another level.

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I was skeptical heading into the weekend but now I am so glad we did.

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I am not sure I want to stay with my partner.

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Interested in improving your sex drive, resolving sexual dysfunction or improving sexual health?

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This will serve as the basis of your future together to ensure that your lovemaking is — and will continue to be — mindful, playful, fresh, and fully expressed.

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Female ejaculation:

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Our retreats welcome couples of all orientations and preferences.

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This is why we practice in class and give you assignments at night.

His, and hers.

Tantric and Taoist techniques to harmonize and connect with your partner.

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We believe both are relationship skills.

Many Kripalu programs offer continuing education credits for professionals in fields such as social work, counseling, nursing, and massage and bodywork.

Your questions will be answered.

Our loving relationship.