Benz micro ebony l.

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In addition the soundstage is very wide and portrayed a good sense of depth.

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Most of all, the Benz Ebony L makes beautiful music happen in my listening room.

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The emotion of side four when death is near comes through beautifully.

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Specified tracking force is 2 to 2.

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It definitely does not sound peaky the way many lesser moving coils do.

As it turned out, I achieved the best tracking at about 2.

After finally giving up on the Shelter, I contacted Garth Leerer, head honcho at Musical Surroundings to see which Benz-Micro cartridges might be available for evaluation.

Best of all, the Ebony L is a fantastic cartridge for those who appreciate the sound of vocals and live acoustic instruments.

Many systems will require 60 or more decibels of gain to attain adequate listening levels.

Luminous Audio.