Amish sexual practices.

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Wesner, Erik J.

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That's what I hope for Mosie, Josh, Harvey and the others who've left.

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An Amish Girl in Manhattan:

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It is up to the parents, but some parents don't tell.

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The women wear white head coverings and plain dresses, usually without buttons—they use straight pins to fasten the clothing.

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They have an all-around hateful disposition towards America as a whole.

Further criticism of Mr.

And since the Amish are against seeking medical assistance in weeding out who their closest kin are, the issue never gets solved.

But are they really?

With little prompting from the detectives who questioned him, Norman Byler admitted to manually penetrating his 8-year-old granddaughter.

Do you think that the physical abuse lent itself to you being victim to sexual abuse?

Here are the dark secrets we uncovered.