Amateur radio special events callsign.

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It is all right to use a club call for the special event.

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It is costly, yes, but for a group of professionals like us, for whom time is limited, it is worth it.

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A one-by-one call sign consists of a single prefix letter K, N, or Wthe region number 0 to 9and a single suffix letter A to Z, except the letter X.

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I was able to find one that made our cards by printing four to a page of cardstock.

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Segal, W9EEA, in

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The jurisdiction then assigns a single digit a numeral to separate prefix from suffix as well as a suffix of from 1 to four characters the last being a letter and appends them in mature massage yorkshire order to their assigned prefix es.

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Be sure your operators have some knowledge of the event and can answer questions when asked by the stations calling them.

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The U.

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Could not have said it better!

I could have mailed them at a rural post office near my office much more easily.

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DeSoto's landmark QST article defining a "country" as a discrete geographical entity.

Should a 1x1 call sign not be assignable to you, the ARRL will contact you via one of the methods indicated with your application.

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