Amateur flagpole antennas.

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The coil approach will not work above 14 MHz 20 M as the antenna becomes too long and a capacitance is required instead of inductance.

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If I can hear the station I can usually work it using an Amplifier around the world.

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We also do various ground plates, and guy plates to suit.

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Example real-world pictures of multi-banding a DX Commander Pole.

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Tom said not to worry - it would be just as good.

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These are the best selling heavy duty telescopic antenna support on the market.

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This condition means you will have improper tuning of antenna can usually be attributed to inadequate or even reactive ground systems or interaction with objects in the vicinity lapdance cum in pants the antenna.

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Note if you are using a metal box the VSWR will change when opening and closing the cover of the metal box.

Below is a typical SWR chart from the field.

September Design Reviewed:

It also loads very efficiently on all other bands from 10 through

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CU on the bands.

I replied I was just updating my flagpole and since it was a little higher I thought I needed lightening protection.

Example real-world pictures of multi-banding a DX Commander Pole.

VSWR is a ratio to your 50 Ohm cable.