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In the case where the shipment has not been invoiced, the Bill Presentment will offer a preliminary statement.

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Shipments that are nicknamed will automatically be added to your saved shipments.

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Shipment facts section:

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FedEx charges a fee for this service.

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Select this option by coding the field as ,"3" to deliver the shipment with when a direct signature is obtained.

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If you process an intra-U.

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I went ahead and picked the direct signature option.

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Anyone intending to offer a hazardous material for shipment with Spee Dee Delivery must be in compliance with the Federal Regulations in regards to training

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Signature options are supported for all FedEx Express intra-U.

If the shipper requires a delivery signature, the signature type will display here, including:.

This trip might be a long one too.

Computer generated labels are preferred.

Never happened again, but just to let you know, we are never really safe from someone stealing our products.

Pharmacy Delivery.

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The first tracking number in a multiple-piece shipment that associates all tracking numbers in the shipment.