About to be spanked.

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The problem is that he does not like when people make fun of him and I do not blame him, who would like that.

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I ran and hid and again my grandmother gave me a spanking that fit the crime.

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Greg on December 15, at 4:

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They see the parent as gigantic, strong, highly skilled and inconceivably knowledgeable.

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Greg on December 15, at 4:

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I was always yelled at and sometimes ending with welts and swollen knees, legs, and bottoms.

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While I do not intend to spank my child forever, but I do feel that it is necessary for toddlers with intense personalities— usually those with the inborn teen challenge information that they are leaders.

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I can show you how to teach him to talk to you respectfully through loving based discipline rather than fear based discipline.

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Again, no two children are the same.

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All this anti-spanking advice is for older kids.

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I have removed all the books and hard toys from his room.

One of the children looked at me with a look that crushed me.

She never spanks her kids and let me tell you, I have NEVER seen such respectable, well mannered, caring kids like her in my life.

I just remember it being almost comical.

Spanking your child starting at 6 to 9 months??

Yes it takes more thought than taking your belt off or bending your child over your knee, and that is why most will just spank instead when they are frustrated.